Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy is the backbone of your child's lifelong learning. 



Literacy is about reading, writing, listening, speaking, presenting, and viewing. All of these skills are necessary for communication. Our focus at Kikino School is to support the foundational development and use of these skills. 

We do this with instruction to the whole group; small group; and one to one where identified as a need. Practice and the use of instructional technology to assist are also necessary pieces of this learning. 

Data collection includes: Fountas and Pinnell reading scores; Doltch lists; early literacy survey results; and classroom samples. 

Our school goal includes demonstrating continuous improvement in individual reading results as gathering using the Fountas and Pinnell diagnostic tool. 

Library & Home Reading


Libraries have changed over the last several years and have evolved beyond returning and signing out books.  Our library contains various literacy and oral language activities for students which include: iPads, e-readers, listening centers, building/creating centres, and of course, books!


Home Reading

Home Reading is a mandated daily home reading program. Research has shown that daily home reading programs focus on practice, practice, practice and show reading comprehension improvements up to 2-3 years in a school year. Teachers have been directed to allocate a percentage of the language arts mark to the home reading logs.

Every day, after your child reads, they can write down their minutes in their agenda and a parent/guardian can initial the minutes.

Classroom teachers have incentives for student reading


Mathematics is a complex process and begins early in life. 

Number sense is the first piece and includes data analysis; geometry; algebra; and measurement.

As students move through the grades their math knowledge builds on previously learned outcomes. We assess their learning using a number of tools including teacher assessment, Adaptive Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics, and WIAT results.

Our school goal focuses on improving use of the language of math.