Home Reading & Attendance

We have two school-community initiatives- HomeReading and Attendance

Home Reading

Home Reading is a mandated daily home reading program. Your child either comes home with books or reads books from home- writes them down- gets someone in the house to sign their book log and the teacher checks the next day at school. Research has shown that daily home reading programs focus on practice, practice, practice and show reading comprehension improvements up to 2-3 years in a school year. Teachers have been directed to allocate a percentage of the language arts mark to the home reading logs. If your child is not reading at home, it will be reflected in the language arts mark.


We will continue with our school focus on attendance at Kikino School. Students will be rewarded at the school level for perfect attendance. These rewards include trips such as swimming, bowling, etc; special events at school; prize box… basically whatever the principal and the students brainstorm up.

Students with monthly perfect attendance will receive a Golden Ticket.  A student who earns 6 Golden Tickets will get to spend the day at our annual School Carnival!!

Each classroom teacher has been asked to have incentives in place for children who have had to miss because of illness and had .5 to 2 excused absences.