Improved Programming

The K-3 programming being offered at Kikino School will remain similar to what has been offered in the past; we will continue to offer small class sizes, speech language services, and occupational therapy services. Our teachers will continue to offer customized service plans for ongoing student learning. We will also continue to offer early literacy one to one reading intervention programming as well as early childhood programming for students who qualify. If you have a child who is at least 2.8 years old as of September, and you believe they can use speech language services please call the school at 780 623 3153 for more information.

In addition, all grades participate in keyboarding classes as well as leadership classes. Keyboarding focuses on developing keyboarding skills and stamina as typing skill is necessary for 21st century learners. Leadership classes focus on developing the skills to be effective leaders; speaking, viewing, and presenting.

Fine arts programming: our students learn traditional Metis jig; experiential education opportunities; and trades training through the mobile CTS lab.  In addition, our students have daily physical education classes and are offered second-language integration in Cree and American Sign Language (ASL).