Physical Literacy

Daily Physical Education

Movement, exercise, and physical education are important in our everyday lives.  Physical education encompasses a wide range of activities and does not only mean "gym".  Phys ed programming has changed from sport-based to movement and skill-based.  This means that we do not have chunks of time where we only play basketball, or soccer, or hockey.

At Kikino School, each class is scheduled at least 30 minutes of daily phys ed as well as additional land-based seasonal outdoor activities (this includes skiing, snowshoeing, hiking).

During the winter months, we have Wednesday "Ski Day" where each class gets 1 hour to enjoy the outdoors while on skis or snowshoes.



Our Partners

Ever Active Schools has been a partner that has taught us to promote 'gym for life'. Students will need to learn to make their own 'gym class' as they get older. The program focuses on the development of skills that will assist in transition from school gym class to sport for life and includes exposure to skills for golf, hockey, basketball, badminton, racketball, running, jogging, walking, swimming, skiing, and snowshoeing to name just a few!

Spirit North is our main partner in promoting our winter sports focus. We have been successful in transitioning in a dryland training focus that is the front and back end of our winter ski and snowshoe program. We provide opportunities for students who would like to experience the racing aspect of nordic skiing.