Student Leadership

Developing leadership skills


At Kikino School, students have plenty of opportunities to take part in leadership programs.  Some programs are seasonal, and some last all year.  Students can join as many leadership programs as they want and/or do not have to join any at all.  

Leadership programs change from year to year based on student interests.

The primary focus of the leadership program is to foster a sense of belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence. Students further work on speaking and presenting skills. 

Over the course of the year students are encouraged to develop more and more independence to carry out leadership responsibilities and to develop confidence and competence to carry out leadership duties. 

Ski Leadership

This program focuses on setting up, carrying out, cleaning up, coaching, and promoting the ski program at Kikino School. 

Metis Embassadors

These opportunities include hosting in-person tours and virtual tours to showcase our school. Developing confidence and competence to speak clearly and with knowledge and understanding are lifelong skills that students develop in this program. 

Metis Cultural Performers

These are our jiggers, cree singers, and fiddlers. By providing students with opportunities to showcase their budding talents contributes to personal well being and understanding of who they are as Metis people. 

Me to We

This group promotes awareness of life beyond our community and helps to foster a sense of giving of oneself to help others. These students bring awareness of needs for water, food, housing, and education at the local, country, and world perspective.